ZALMAN's budget-friendly offer: MegaMax 80+ PSU - ZM600-TX II (600W).

Басты бет Жаңалықтар ZALMAN's budget-friendly offer: MegaMax 80+ PSU - ZM600-TX II (600W).

Typically, in do-it-yourself PC building the users foremost focus on choosing a processor, video adapter and motherboard. Continuing this sequence, the next important system components are RAM, SSD and a monitor. And for the remaining balance of the budget users buy a case, in which all these components need to be placed in fact, peripherals and various knick-knacks.

As for the power supply unit, most often, it is the last to plan issue or sometimes users are ready to buy a ready-made solution - a case with integrated power supply. More experienced users use online calculators to work out the power supply capacity of the system, sometimes they prefer a powerful but budget-friendly option without taking other features into account.

The first things to consider when selecting a power supply for your PC are:

  • first of all, you need to calculate the PSU capacity taking into account all the components of the system in total;
  • it is advisable to choose a power supply with extra power reserve for future system upgrades, but still within small limits;
  • it is important to determine the operating conditions of the system and future loads, whether the system is intended to be overclocked or will operate in normal mode;
  • pay attention to the presence of cables and connectors required to connect the components in the package. They can have different coatings and be fixed in the power supply case or be modular. You should also pay attention to the length of the cables. This is particularly important if the power supply is located at the bottom of the case;
  • it is also important to run through the main parameters of the power supply specification - such as the presence of APFC, the efficiency index and 80+ certification in accordance with international standards, the technical features of the component base. The above characteristics have a significant impact on the cost of the power supply, but a certified power supply is a guaranteed combination of all necessary types of protection and reliable operation of the device during the entire service life; 
  • you also need to pay attention to the size of the power supply and its standard, as they determine the possibility to place the PSU in the selected case (some cases have restrictions on the length of the power supply).

The South Korean company ZALMAN offers a wide range of computer components for creating or improving advanced computer systems. The versatile range, unique technological solutions, years of experience and worldwide recognition of ZALMAN are indispensable components of success.

Cases, power supplies, air and liquid cooling systems, useful accessories are the main products of ZALMAN, which are popular and known to the general public of users, connoisseurs of modern computer components.

We offer a range of PC power supplies from ZALMAN. ZALMAN PSUs are the best value for money devices as they have an optimal balance of quality, functionality and cost.

We offer ZALMAN power supplies of the MegaMax series, standard 80+, ZM600-TX II (500 W):

  • the kit includes all the necessary components and information about the operating conditions, namely:
    • power cable;
    • screws for fixing the PSU inside the case;
    • set of disposable cable ties for smart cable management;
    • detailed user manual.

  • PSU cables are flat black flexible cables, output directly from the case;

  • PSU is equipped with an optimal number of interfaces with convenient smart cable management. You can easily connect one or two video adapters as well as organize a quite capacious disk subsystem and connect a sufficient number of peripheral devices;
  • active PSU cooling element - 120mm hydrodynamic bearing fan is quiet and reliable;
  • the passive part of the power supply cooling system is represented with two rather massive four-section aluminium radiators located in the low-voltage and high-voltage parts of the case. These component base elements ensure that excess heat is dissipated from the power supply components efficiently;
  • power supply includes Active Power Factor Correction components (APFC, 98%), which guarantees stable operation and ensures high power efficiency. The capacitors used in PSU, with a maximum operating temperature of 105°C, are super robust and reliable;

  • ZALMAN ZM600-TXII power supply has a standard list of protections required for this category of devices that contribute to stable and uninterrupted operation during usage: from overvoltage (OVP), undervoltage (UVP), short circuit (SCP) and overload on power (OPP).
  • integrated EMI filter significantly reduces the noise level during device operation;
  • ZALMAN ZM600-TXII PSU is 80 PLUS certified with an efficiency index in the range of 86% at standard loads;
  • unit design includes a powerful single +12V rail, such a circuit design feature is ideal for future component upgrades or overclocking loads;

To sum up, we can say that the ZALMAN ZM600-TXII are built with state-of-the-art, proven components to ensure long life reliability and stability of operation over a long service life, giving the user peace of mind knowing the unit will perform flawlessly and deliver quality power to your system.

The ZALMAN ZM600-TXII power supply is designed for entry to mid-level complexity home and gaming PCs.

Years of experience and diligent work by the leading South Korean engineers, and worldwide recognition for the excellent quality of the brand's products - this is the real ZALMAN. ZALMAN's future is a modern updated range and progressive ideas for business development.

Step up to new achievements with ZALMAN!

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өнім коды : ZM600-TXII
23023 тенге*
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Power: 600 V; Form factor: ATX; Number of ventilators: 1; Efficiency: 86 %;
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