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Hitachi Vantara is one of the leading manufacturers of storage systems in the world, known for its quality and innovations in this field. This partnership confirms the high level of trust that Hitachi Vantara LLC places in ERC Distribution, and also strengthens the positions of each party on the market. Әрі қарай оқу

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ERC Distribution has rich experience in promoting high-tech products on the market, and we are confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial and bring success to the vendor and our customers.

ERC Distribution will represent Hitachi Vantara products in its territory, provide customers with advice and comprehensive support, sell and service Hitachi Vantara.

It is important to note that Hitachi Vantara have many advantages, in particular:

Thus, Hitachi Vantara are a complete business solution that provides high performance, reliability and flexibility at affordable prices.

We are ready to help and support our partners at all stages of cooperation that is necessary to solve problems and successfully close projects.

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About ERC Distribution:

ERC Distribution in Ukraine has four main product lines of cooperation with business partners: consumer computer equipment, computer equipment and software separately or as part of enterprise-wide solutions, household appliances, goods for children and teenagers. ERC Distribution offers products, ideas and solutions for both commercial corporations or state enterprises, as well as for individual consumers or households. Holding ERC Distribution has growing distribution business in many other countries, including its offices and teams, in particular in Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Switzerland, Uzbekistan.


The classic two-level system of product distribution and value-added services (VAD model) is combined with "no-price-wars" sales tactics. ERC Distribution conducts its business through business partners, which comprise both national and regional retail networks, owners of independent stores and projects, wholesale companies, online shops, system integrators and companies focused on special technological niches and segments. ERC Distribution has its own time-proved effective methods of development and sales channel support, collaboration with business partners, additional pre- and after-sales services, including consulting, warranty service, training and exchange of experience.

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