Beko is Europe's second largest white goods and largest freestanding white goods brand. It is the choice of 440 million people in over 130 countries. Beko is number one in the British and Polish white goods market, and the French freestanding white goods market. It is a global brand with life-enhancing products such as white goods, domestic appliances, air conditioning units and electronics. Әрі қарай оқу

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Our journey started in 1955 when large home appliances first became a fixture in every household. Over the past 60 years, we’ve made it a point to change the lives of our customers with innovating products that both meet their needs and are more sustainable for the environment.


Our desire to innovate for the good of our customers and the environment has already taken quite us a long way.


We are a global brand which operates in more than 135 countries today. We are also the fastest-growing brand in the European large white goods market with a wide range of innovative and sustainable products. All these experiences and our brand heritage has made us one of the top 3 large home appliance brands in Europe*.


And we keep innovating for an even healthier generation and a healthier planet.

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