Makita Corporation is a world leader in the manufacture of power tools, forestry and gardening tools, cordless tools with lithium-ion batteries that are powerful, convenient and easy to use, easy to maintain and without harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Әрі қарай оқу

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Makita Corporation was founded in 1915 in Japan, and in 2003 opened a representative office in Ukraine. Makita Corporation manufactures are located in 8 countries: Japan, the United States of America, Brazil, Thailand, China, Great Britain, Germany, Romania. For the conditions of Ukraine, a range of more than 1000 models of instruments that meet national standards and have the necessary certificates has been selected. Makita tools are high quality and reliability. These are complex, high-tech products that must be provided with service and warranty service.


The company "Makita Ukraine" LLC are official supplier of products to Ukraine and has the necessary components to provide service, and additional equipment for tools.


Officially imported products are accompanied by a warranty card with high protection technology, this is a guarantee that the tool will be provided with service and warranty service.

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