Multifunctional and realistic cars. Әрі қарай оқу

Жеткізуші туралы

Children's toys produced by the famous Canadian Battat was founded in 1897.


The main feature of DRIVEN products is high quality and full detailing. Models are made of durable, wear-resistant plastic. They have soft rubber tires and deep tread, shiny chrome parts, doors, reclining sides and movable baskets.


The brand's collection features many types of vehicles and many equipment options. All machine models have real prototypes. They are light reliable, easy to operate and service.


The brand's assortment includes several product lines: collectible miniature cars and Pocket series sets, the Micro and Standart series, which differ in size.

Жеткізушілер каталогы
Жеткізушілер каталогы
Хат жазу
Қажетті өрістер жұлдызшамен белгіленеді
Батырманы басу арқылы сіз жеке деректерді өңдеуге келісім бересіз
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Тауарлар каталогы