Nanables is a bright world with colorful landscapes, full of kindness, fun and adventures. The inhabitants of this world are tiny Nanables who live in amazing houses. They have unique fairy-tale architecture and own history. Әрі қарай оқу

Жеткізуші туралы

Each house has own name, indicating the favorite craft of inhabitants. To see the charming interior of the little characters’ apartments, you need to look inside each house through a small window. For unlimited imagination with Nanables sets, you can create own fairy-tale world and have fun, complete tasks, relax and receive surprises. The free Nanables app (available on iOS and Android) will perfectly diversify the game with mini houses. After installing the application on a smartphone, you need to scan the house with the help of camera, expanding game possibilities, increasing the number of tasks and adventures.


Each house creates unique opportunities and entertainments. Therefore, the more Nanables houses are in the collection, the more adventures and fairy-tale tasks will wait the hero. Create your own fairy tale full of endless fun and incredible events.


Contained in a clear dome-shaped package, each set includes a house, two Nanables heroes and a collector's letter.

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